Paula Taylor is a Retail and Fashion Entrepreneur, Strategic Branding, Marketing, and Business Consultant, International Fashion Event Producer, Author, Educator and Visual Merchandiser. Paula  owned and operated a luxary retail store and a successful fashion show production company. 

Taylor works with  iconic brands, startups, and small businesses as well as multibillion-dollar real estate development companies consistently positioning clients to successfully tackle the challenges of a changing retail landscape with humor, and straightforward tactics proven for success.

A  leader of  high-energy workshop and institutes Paula educates , trains and motivates attendees and clients presenting  the newest research and real-world experience connecting visual merchandising, marketing strategies and retail trends as a crucial component to success. She is an inspired public speaker and a dynamic consultant.   Mrs.Taylor is the  author of the prominent textbook on fashion show production How to Produce a Fashion Show from A-Z, published by Prentice Hall.  She mentors  industries leaders while supporting  emerging talent  in cultivating their dream job or launching their new business.